From Brian Truitt at USA TODAY:

Tie-in delves into the mysteries of director Larry Fessenden’s underwater creature.

It’s not even safe to go into the water in the comic books of horror movies.

A digital comic based on director Larry Fessenden’s film Beneath comes out this week and delves into the history of the mysterious Black Lake and its amphibious monster. The issue also explores the important necklace carried by Johnny, one of the teens who goes on a fateful trip into the water in the movie, out in select theaters and video on demand July 15.

The Beneath comic, written by screenwriters Tony Daniel and Brian D. Smith and illustrated by Brahm Revel (Guerillas), will be available for digital download on Wednesday via Comixology.

Beneath joins other Glass Eye Pix’s horror films with comic tie-ins, such as I Sell the Dead, Wendigo and The Last Winter. Fessenden’s production company often utilizes non-movie media to flesh out its films – for example, Stake Land featured a series of Internet webisodes and Habit had trading cards.

“I’m obsessed with creating a little world where the posters matter, where there’s a comic spinoff, where you tell the story in different ways,” Fessenden says.


The kids of horror movie Beneath encounter a lake monster who’s also seen in a comic-book tie-in.

Fans can also enhance their Beneath experience — and get psyched up about their horror movie — by visiting three different websites: the official movie site offers photos, clips and cast info; introduces the different kids before their terrifying boat excursion; and looks into the lake’s strange history with a conspiracy theorist played by Fessenden himself.

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