Supermassive Games, the makers of the Fessenden and Graham Reznick-scribed PS4 game UNTIL DAWN, have just announced that a new game, UNTIL DAWN: RUSH OF BLOOD will hit in 2016 as a Virtual Reality game.


Will you be able to keep everyone alive… again?

From Venture Capitalist Post:

Developed by Super Massive Games, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is confirmed to be released sometime in 2016 for PlayStation VR. Often mistaken as a sequel, DLC or an extension of the previous ‘Until Dawn’ title, the game developers have reiterated that Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a standalone game.

Amidst the confusion of being a DLC of Until Dawn, Sony Entertainment has confirmed that Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is independent of the Rush of Blood title. It was further explained that it is not a DLC nor an expansion as Rush of Blood was in development the same time as the main Until Dawn game, Design & Trend reported. It was also reported that the game will mainly utilize the PlayStation VR headset and is not programmed to play in a traditional television.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood was first confirmed during the recently held Paris Games Week when Sony Computer Entertainment have released its upcoming Play Station VR titles. The game presents a story of eight friends who were trapped in a mountain retreat. Suspicious that they are not alone in the area, they must fight through their fears in order to come out of the haunted area in one piece. Crossmap commented that the gameplay itself is simple yet very engaging and rewarding. Players get to play each of the eight characters, whose actions and decisions affect the circumstances of the ending.

Meanwhile, a released gameplay footage of the Until Dawn game featured in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series provides a tease for Brett Dalton’s playable character, Mike. According to MStars News, the teaser of the PS4 exclusive, Until Dawn, is released to set the game before the Until Dawn: Rush of Blood title. The story is written in collaboration with cult horror writer/director Larry Fessenden and Graham Reznick.

Super Massive Games’ Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, is a standalone game exclusive for PlayStation VR. The game is said to be released sometime in 2016.