Rue Morgue has the scoop:


In the midst of the pandemic, writer/director James Felix McKenney pulled off an unusual fantasy-thriller for minimal expense.

McKenney, whose credits also include HYPOTHERMIA, also produced WRACK with veteran filmmaker J. Christian Ingvordsen (BLUE VENGEANCE, BOG CREATURES). Carol Ames, John Christian, Braxton Sohns, Emma Sugler and Jennifer Boutell star in the movie, which was filmed in Delaware County, New York. The synopsis: “In the distant future, centuries after nearly all life has been wiped out by war, disease and environmental collapse, the planet has begun to heal itself. WRACK focuses on four mutated humans who, despite being the only known people left on their world, still cannot get along. All of the characters speak in a fictional language created for the film, with subtitles in English.”

“I wanted to see how little my friends and I could make a fantasy-based feature film for,” McKenney says. “My goal was to do it for less than $1,500, and we managed to pull it off.” To keep costs down, McKenney employed no crew on WRACK, aside from the cast and the occasional helping hand. The filmmaker created the props and costumes himself, often repurposing wardrobe and hardware from Glass Eye Pix productions like Glenn McQuaid’s I SELL THE DEAD and his own AUTOMATONS. WRACK is targeting a release in 2021; keep your eyes here and sign up for the mailing list at the official website of McKenney’s Studio Midnight.

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