“Most Beautiful Island presents an extreme example of what people will do to scrape by
but it does so without belittling its vulnerable characters.”
Village Voice

“Anchored by Asensio’s fearless and gripping performance,
“Most Beautiful Island” directs an unflinching point of view toward an often invisible population

Los Angeles Times

“uses restless tracking shots, hectic cityscapes, ambient noise
and sequences of prolonged stillness to conjure unease and dread”
The New York Times

“MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND is one of the year’s best films.”

“Ana Asensio’s directorial debut reveals a surprising,
strong-willed side to her undocumented New York immigrant character.”

“Asensio transports you into the streets of a distressed and grimy New York City
before plunging you into its dark and unforgiving depths
What you see there may shock you, but it sure does make for some gripping filmmaking.”
Bloody Disgusting