THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL (2009, Ti West 95 mins. Jocelin Donahue, Tom Noonan, Mary Woronov, Greta Gerwig, AJ Bowen, Dee Wallace) College girl Samantha responds to an ad for a babysitter to land some quick cash for a new apartment.  Her skeptical pal Megan drives her deep into the woods  and deposits her at a big, creaky Victorian house lorded over by a creepy old couple with big plans to celebrate the night’s rare lunar eclipse.

THE INNKEEPERS (2010 Ti West, 101 min, Sara Paxton, Pat Healy) After over one hundred years of service, The Yankee Pedlar Inn is shutting its doors for good. The last remaining employees—Claire and Luke—are determined to uncover proof of what many believe to be one of New England’s most haunted hotels. 

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