“I’ve just watched Foxhole and as a long- serving war movie aficionado, and one who personally experienced ‘incoming’ rounds (Southern Lebanon 1990/1991), let me say that because of your cinematography alone, I’m now putting this movie up there into my top 5 of all time. Scannán iontach ☘️
—Paulus Tarsus, comment on Woodstock Film Festival You Tube page

“the dialogue of the Iraq section sounds the most like the military talk I’ve heard (from family).
James Le Gros is terrific as the grizzled Wilson in all three wars. Similarly, Motell Gyn Foster is quite strong as Jackson, especially during the Iraq story arc. Andi Matichak also quickly makes an impact as Gale, the driver. The interplay and banter between the Iraq ensemble really hooks the audience, which makes what follows so intense.”

“It’s all about subtle facial expressions, not so subtle conversations and scared young men, wrestling with their mortality and shifting in small segments back and forth between being proud to do their duty and wondering what the hell it’s all for.”
—Entertainment or Die

“Fessenden wrestles with themes of duty, honor, and most importantly empathy… it’s refreshing to see a movie so beautifully and sleekly filmed attempt to wrestle with humanity’s deeper questions”

“an ambitious project from a very young filmmaker who’s looking to find some honor in service through a lens that explores three very different American wars.”

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