FANG: You have a fantastic cast of genre veterans and up-and-comers: Graham Skipper, Lauren Ashley Carter, Larry Fessenden, etc. You even included former FANGO staffer Sam Zimmerman. How did you assemble such an excellent team for THE MIND’S EYE?

BEGOS: Very early on, I wrote the script with a couple people in mind, like Graham and Lauren, but we shot in Rhode Island, which is about a couple hours outside of New York, so we were sort of pulling from New York where a lot of the Glass Eye Pix family is. I’m a big fan of using kind of familiar faces but I feel like a lot of horror movies nowadays sort of use horror actors just because they’re like “Oh, this guy was in this movie,” and they’re not even particularly good. I’m pretty happy that we were able to assemble what I feel like are kind of some of the best of the best actors in the genre.

THE MIND’S EYE not only fantastic actors who embody their roles really well, but they feel like real people and they’re from horror movies. For instance, Jeremy Gardner, who I’m surprised hasn’t been in some more movies, and I can’t believe that people don’t utilize Larry Fessenden beyond beyond two minute cameos because he’s such a fucking phenomenal actor. Once I realized Larry was just going to play the sheriff, we were talking and I was like, “Dude, that’s such a throwaway role, man. I think I’m going to give you the Dad role.” I wanted to utilize him in that way he was in HABIT, so he killed it with these great takes and great references. He’s normally shoe-horned into these little roles, but I’m glad really showed up and shined through the movie.

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