The Hollywood News predicts DEPRAVED for Frightfest’s 20th Anniversary.
The publication has also expressed their excitement for DEPRAVED
at this year’s Fantasia Festival.  

Our Predictions For Frightfest’s 20th Anniversary

Depraved is the only film featured on the list that I’ve actually already seen. Directed by genre icon Larry Fessenden, Depraved genuinely stole my heart, so much so that it got the full five stars in my original review. Given how hard I fell for this film, I’m desperate to be able to share it with the like-minded folks of Frightfest; I’m keeping all my fingers crossed that it is announced as part of the programming on Thursday. The film itself is a modern reworking of the age old Frankenstein tale, one that taps straight into the emotions with Alex Breaux’ creature a truly tragic innocent victim. My review stated that this was the best retelling of Frankenstein since Shelley – strong words, but ones that I’m sticking by.

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The Films That Have Us Very Excited For This Year’s Fantasia Festival

The next film on the list, Depraved, is one that we’ve actually already seen. Written and directed by everyone’s favourite genre star Larry Fessenden, Depraved offers a modern take on the Frankenstein story. Set in modern day New York, our Doctor Frankenstein this time around is a PTSD suffering military medic determined to stop death. Our creature is the hapless soul whom has his brain transplanted into a new ‘body’. The Frankenstein tale may have been told hundreds of times before, but Depraved still feels completely fresh. We reviewed it at What the Fest, and gave it the glowing five-star treatment. A film of true beauty, both creatively and performed, Depraved is anything but what the title suggests. A truly special moment in the lineage of a beloved movie monster, Fessenden has crafted the best take on Frankenstein since Shelley herself. Do not miss this one folks.

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