From AV Club: When a group of teens flee into the woods after a confrontation with the cops, they find that not even nature is a safe haven from the oppressive threat of authority in The Ranger. Chelsea (Chloe Levine) is forced to fight for her freedom when a park ranger (Jeremy Holm) from her past sets his sights on her and her friends. Jenn Wexler’s punk rock slasher is the film that got me hooked on Shudder, possessing the kind of go-for-broke energy and low-budget ingenuity that serves as a reminder that great horror is happening in more than just the studio system. Its “fuck the police” themes and exploration of America’s generational divide and fight for space as a means of relevance is a precursor to this current era of slasher revivals. It’s a bloody good time with plenty to say underneath its bloodletting.

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