Three Goons: Toby Huss, Fessenden and Tommy Nohilley play Harris, Roy and Tubby in the Ti Western
IN A VALLEY OF VIOLENCE, which enjoyed its World Premier at SXSW on March 12, 2016
Numerous Glass Eye pals worked on the film:
Peter Phok, Jacob Jaffke, Jeff Grace, Neal jonas, Graham Reznick, Tom Efinger…

A family affair… And now the Critics weigh in:

“In a Valley of Violence’s story is minimalist to the point of Monte Hellman, who also tackled the permanent existential threat of the Old West in Ride in the Whirlwind and The Shooting, but West infuses this tale of vengeance with a nasty sort of realism. Violent death is both a terrifying reality and a laugh-out-loud joke. Forget Lenny Bruce, this is the sick humor of Ti West. Kudos aplenty to indie horror Renaissance man Larry Fessenden for the terror and to John Travolta (as a wooden-legged Marshal) for the empathy in another brilliant and barely recognizable performance.”
Austin Chronicle

“As the violence escalates, an absurdist dose of humor is added to the mix, injecting the film with a distinctly modern sensibility that is welcome and does not let up. The audience at the film’s SXSW premiere ate it up, hooting and hollering at every gruesome development.”
The Guardian

“Walking a fine line between charming lark and smirking goof, Ti West’s “In a Valley of Violence” is a Western homage that has its heart in the genre, but not so much in the story. Stripping its gunslinger plot down to the most essential pillars, the film has plenty of incidental pleasures to offer: a few chuckles, some typically Westian explosions of violence, a deliriously fun score, and a pair of perfectly solid performances from Ethan Hawke and John Travolta.”

“A bloody Western about a deadly man who’s sworn off violence until his beloved dog is threatened, Ti West’s In a Valley of Violence plays like a grim, Eastwood-style genre revival before some conspicuous Tarantino-influenced humor infects its climactic showdown. Ethan Hawke is excellent as the gunslinger in question”
Hollywood reporter