Penned by GEP pal and UNTIL DAWN co-scribe Graham Reznick, 
THE QUARRY is out now!  

From ScreenRant:

June 10th, 2022 marks the release of Supermassive Games’ new interactive survival horror game The Quarry, the spiritual successor to 2015’s Until Dawn. With a more immersive design, the interactive drama allows players to determine several different outcomes of the game by making deliberate choices and taking specific actions, putting the full onus on the players to make the best decisions possible.

Story-wise, The Quarry follows nine teenagers at Hacker’s Quarry in New York who must survive a night of abject slaughter. Ardent horror gamers looking for a similar type of interactive horror survival drama that allows them to drive the narrative themselves are in the right place.

(4 out of 10 written by Graham Reznick and Fessenden)

From Until Dawn and The Inpatient to The Evil Within 2, Vampyr, and more, find the best interactive horror survival games to play with The Quarry


Since The Quarry is billed as the spiritual successor to Supermassive Games’ mega-popular Until Dawn, it makes sense to start with the beloved trailblazer. The interactive horror drama follows eight people stuck at Blackwood Mountain where they are systematically stalked and slashed by a killer with a flamethrower until they are rescued at dawn, playing to the cinematic sensibilities of horror movies from the 1980s.

Just like The Quarry, Until Dawn prioritizes players’ ability to control the narratives through its game-changing Butterfly Effect system, determining various outcomes of the game by making strategic decisions, culling clues, collecting hints, solving puzzles, etc. The result genuinely makes players feel like they are part of the story that has harrowing high-stakes consequences.


Also created by Supermassive Games, The Inpatient is billed as a prequel to the events depicted in Until Dawn. While the perspective shifts from the third person to the first person, the game is more of a psychological survival experience that requires a player to control Jefferson Bragg, an amnesiac stuck at the Blackwood Sanitorium following a collapsed mine shaft in 1952.

With the outcome of the game completely determined by a player’s decisions and course of actions, The Inpatient goes the extra immersive mile by offering a PS4 VR version that offers a frightful, fully-engaged experience. Vivid, unsettling, and atmospheric, The Inpatient is a must-play for Until Dawn and The Quarry fans.


After realizing what a great thing they had in Until Dawn, Supermassive Games upped the interactive ante four years later with The Dark Pictures Anthology, an expressly cinematic line of immersive horror survival games. All are recommended, beginning with the first entry, Manof Medan. The plot concerns four college students marooned on a haunted ghost ship, where they must follow their heads and hearts to survive.

Improving the interactive Until Dawn game engine, and adding a cool “Movie Night” multiplayer mode that allows up to five friends to control a player one player at a time, Man of Medan‘s social component really sets the immersive experience apart.


The final Supermassive Games title to make the grade includes Hidden Agenda, another hyper-interactive experience that focuses more on the psychological than the physical. Players steer homicide detective Becky Marney and D.A. Felicity Graves, who are out to catch a serial killer known as The Trapper. Aside from the engaging quick-time events that determine the outcome of the story, it’s the online multiplayer PlayLink mode that really stands out.

Much like Until Dawn, Hidden Agenda was written by venerated horror scribe Larry Fessenden, who knows a thing or two about conjuring genuine tension, suspense, and terror. The competitive mode pits online players against each other, receiving Hidden Agendas that add an extra layer of immersion and interactivity.

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