A creature feature so bad it was dubbed ‘The Room’ of horror movies swims to the surface on streaming


Tommy Wiseau’s The Room will live on forever as one of the cultiest cult classics that’s ever going to cult classic, but comparisons being made between the infamously awful vanity project and 2013’s creature feature Beneath weren’t intended as a compliment.

Then again, a 30 percent Rotten Tomatoes score and an even worse audience approval rating of 12 percent indicates that maybe director Larry Fessenden’s B-tier schlocker doesn’t even deserve to be put on the same ironically adored pedestal as The Room as several reviews claimed, but that hasn’t prevented the forgotten aquatic nightmare from coming up for air on streaming.

As per FlixPatrol, Beneath has resurfaced as a Top 10 hit on Netflix in multiple countries around the world, and it isn’t too difficult to figure out why subscribers – especially those with a soft spot for bonkers horror – would find themselves enticed by a low budget effort that’s sold entirely on the back of the primary antagonist being a gigantic man-eating catfish with a preposterous taste for delicious human flesh.

Six recently-graduated teenagers decide to spend one final day together before heading off on their different paths in life, but there’s not a chance all of them will be making it back to shore alive when the monstrous fish destroys their oars. Trapped and terrified, they decide the best solution is to figure out which one of them deserves to be sacrificed to their aquatic adversary, a logical decision that inevitably creates panic, conflict, and the airing of some long-held grievances.