7. Chewin’ For the Likes (Like Me)

Disclaimer: I don’t do well with vomit. Enter Robert Mockler’s Like Me, a warning of social media overconsumption in our digital age. How better to represent too much of something that can rot away your insides, cause internal discomfort, and project – literally – an adverse reaction? Stuffing your face with comfort foods until they come spewing out.

At first, Mockler’s artistic eye focuses close-up on Addison Timlin’s mouth as her hopeful insta-famous experimental photographer mashes gummies or pizza or other unhealthy treats between her teeth. Neon-died fructose sugars chomped and gnawed by pearly whites. Then Larry Fessenden introduces himself into the fold – a model victim of sorts at Timlin’s mercy. He’s the one stuffed full of cheese puffs, milk, and junk snacks until the point of nausea – where Timlin’s begins to press against his tummy. You can assume where this goes as a gross-out metaphor full of bile.

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