Frankenstein: 10 Movies With An Original Twist On The Horror Classic

The most recent release on the list is independent horror darling Larry Fessenden’s 2019 take on the monster. In his 1991 debut feature No Telling, Fessenden dances with the idea of a Frankenstein-like scientist, and now almost 30 years later, he tackles the subject matter head-on. Depraved follows a man stricken with PTSD as he tries to cope by working in a laboratory and sewing a human together. Possibly the lowest budgeted film on the list, there is a meta-layer to the filmmaking with it being a do-it-yourself sort of effort. It’s a strange, and interesting film that can be seen streaming on Hulu right now.

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Other Horror Movie Remakes Rob Zombie Should Direct

… his appreciation for that era of cinema might lend him to be an excellent choice for another Dark Universe movie like Frankenstein, which was originally directed by James Whale in 1931 and starred Boris Karloff as The Monster.Though there have been modern interpretations, such as Larry Fessenden’s Depraved in 2019, Zombie would certainly bring more horror (and blood) to the Monster’s tale. It would be even more fascinating if he cast someone like Ken Foree, with whom he’s collaborated previously in The Lords of Salem. The actor’s 6’5″ stature would be imposing and bring some smart social commentary, as Frankenstein’s monster is traditionally played by white actors.

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