From Screen Anarchy

by Andrew Mack

Jack Fessenden, Fessenden the Younger, son of Larry, has a new film Foxhole coming out this week. Jack’s father has made his name in horror and as they say, apples do not fall far from trees. While not an outright horror Jack’s second film looks into the horrors of war.

Samuel Goldwyn Films is releasing Foxhole in U.S. cinemas on May 13th. We have an exclusive clip to share with you today, check it and the trailer, along with some stills from the film, down below.

FOXHOLE, hitting theaters May 13th. Directed by Jack Fessenden, the film stars Andi Matichak (HALLOWEEN), James Le Gros (DRUGSTORE COWBOY, MILDRED PIERCE), Alex Hurt (Netflix’s BONDING), and Angus O’Brien (THE KITCHEN).

Unfolding over the span of 36 hours in three separate wars – The American Civil War, World War I, and Iraq – FOXHOLE follows five soldiers confined in a foxhole as they grapple with morality, futility, and an increasingly volatile combat situation.

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