Exclusive first clip from horror-thriller Psychopaths is (unsurprisingly) deranged


In the course of his short but prolific career, writer-director Mickey Keating has been responsible for creating some memorably twisted characters, from Lauren Ashley Carter’s unraveling housesitter in the haunted house film Darling to Pat Healy’s homicidal sniper in the survival-thriller Carnage Park. But, if we’re understanding matters correctly, with his new film Psychopaths, Keating has set out to see what would happen if he filled a film with nothing but maniacs.

The film concerns a sort of Mischief Night for a group of serial killers which is triggered by the execution by electric chair of a madman in an unidentified prison. There’s Alice (Ashley Bell), an escaped mental patient who thinks she’s living in a 1950s glamour world; Blondie (Angela Trimbur), a beautiful seductress who lures men down into her suburban basement; a strangler (James Landry Hébert) who preys on unsuspecting women; and an enigmatic masked contract killer (Sam Zimmerman) whose next job sends him to seedy nightclub. As the night progresses, the body count rises and the fate of these deranged murderers is sealed in blood.

Psychopaths receives its world premiere at the forthcoming Tribeca Film Festival on April 20. Watch the exclusive first clip above.