Anne, married to a small-town minister, feels her life has been shrinking over the past 30 years. Encountering The Master brings her a new sense of power and an appetite to live bolder. However, the change comes with a heavy body count.

*For the first time that I can remember, Larry Fessenden plays the straight man…. witnessing an overweight, neatly combed Fessenden is like seeing a tear in the space time continuum. This film is a bloody, tense yet humorous throwback to gothic horror films of yore. The chemistry between Barbara Crampton and Larry Fessenden is crystal clear, making for a fun, gory throwback of a film. — Tracy Allen

*Jakob’s Wife features two of my favorite genre actors: Larry Fessenden and Barbara Crampton. Their wonderful performances and great on-screen chemistry take the modestly budgeted Jakob’s Wife to the next level. — Kenn Hoekstra

*Jakob’s Wife provides the balance that any horror comedy should. It manages to take body horror seriously while still delivering a progressive and empowered societal statement. — Jason Burke

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