From Irish Star:

A spooky Irish horror podcast is making waves with listeners from the US and around the world and was nominated for a prestigious award in New York this year.

Petrified by Peter Dunne and Liam Geraghty started in 2019 and it didn’t take long for it to become a favorite amongst horror fans. In fact, it won the Best Drama Podcast Award at the New York Festivals Radio Awards that year.

Nominated again in 2023, this time alongside giants like Marvel, Petrified continues to prove itself as a truly frightening and immersive listening experience for horror fans around the world, with a unique Irish identity that by no means limits its reach across the globe.

Speaking to, podcast writer and director Peter revealed that he never expected the podcast to become this popular, with listeners in Ireland, The US, the UK, India, and more places around the globe.

He explained: “It’s very heartening when there’s something like Marvel, a billion-dollar company, and we’re a few Irish people sitting around my dining room table. Marvel just really stood out because it’s so massive.

“We did this as a couple of friends, with very little money behind it. And then the first series did well, the second one did well, and the third one did really well. We never would have thought this.”

Since it first debuted, the podcast has grown from strength to strength and has even featured guest stars such as legendary Irish newsreader Anne Doyle and horror filmmaker Larry Fessenden.

Its popularity, Peter says, is largely down to its unique Irish horror offering. He explained: “Our big selling point is that we’re a horror anthology series from Ireland. I think maybe that’s why it has taken off. We’re deliberately and specifically Irish and all of our stories have a twist.

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