Match Flick
(1996 Director Ilya Chaiken, 32 mins)
starring Bridget Evans & Jim Abrasion
16 mm cinematography by Gordon Chou

A classic Girl meets Boy meets French New Wave meets Murnau story, with lots of incidental vomit.


From Fessenden: Ilya Chaiken is one of my Glass Eye Pix favorite directors. She cast me opposite Eleanor Hutchins in MARGARITA HAPPY HOUR a film produced by Glass Eye Comrades Michael Ellenbogen (Glass Eye Consigliere 1991-1998) and Susan Leber (producer, THE ROOST). Ilya also directed LIBERTY KID for GEP and went on to direct web series THE UNLOVEABLES starring Hutchins and Kevin Corrigan and featuring Fessenden. Chaiken is currently working on a doc about the iconic band The Lunachicks.

The MATCH FLICK backstory from Chaiken –  It was 1995, I had a tiny grant to make a film, but I had writer’s block and was running out of time before my baby was born. But sticking my pal Bridget in this black pixie wig was all the Godardian inspiration I needed. So at 8 months pregnant with a handful of storyboards, I ran around with DP Gordon Chou, Bridget and Jim, and shot 16mm MOS. Then I borrowed a friend’s Steenbeck to edit the film. By the time I finished editing, my kid was a year old, digital filmmaking had begun to emerge, and I couldn’t get my friend to take the Steenbeck back out of my apartment. Bridget and Jim, by the way, unlike their tortured characters, are still a happy couple.

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