THE HUNTER: writer/director Benjamin Gray. (2007, 20 minutes)
cinematography: Thomas Krivy
featuring Larry Fessenden, Joel Marsh Garland, David Warshofsky.
Editor: Paul Frank. Music: Jeff Grace.

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Synopsis: Each winter, Tub hunts with childhood friends Frank and Kenny. Approaching middle-age and still the butt of every joke, Tub wants this year to be different. And it is: deep inside a snow-covered forest, his long-buried aggression comes raging to the surface. Based on the Tobias Wolff short story ‘Hunters in the Snow’.

From Fessenden: The experience of making THE HUNTER was one of my fondest memories making a movie. We were treated to fantastic home cooked meals by the director’s mom, and slept in big beds and then suffered long hours in the snowy location. I love a winter movie. On the shoot I met Joel Garland who would later be cast in Glenn McQuaid’s I SELL THE DEAD, and several Tales from Beyond the Pale, including “The Hole Digger”. I also enjoyed working with David Warshofsky, who had stories of being on set with a young James Le Gros that can’t be repeated on this website. Jeff Grace did the music for THE HUNTER, based on introductions I made, and right around this time I employed Mr. Grace for my own project SKIN AND BONES, and you can hear the influence of THE HUNTER’s music on that score.

From Benjamin Gray: And at the time I wrote this in my director’s statement…still true I think…. “The Hunter” is a specifically American story, specifically rural, yet set in no particular time or place. With Tobias Wolff’s subtle humor it explores masculinity, aggression, the question: “What makes a man?” And in a world dominated by machismo, saber-rattling, and swagger, what better time to ask this question?

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