… Where the Audience Completely Missed the Point

By Tyler Geis

Horror loves to put up a mirror to society and show us the darker side of what is really going on in the world.

The argument could be made that most horror filmmakers are just activists who can’t get money for their documentaries, so they turn to the genre and speak of the horrors of the world in the form of monsters and fictional serial killers. There’s always social commentary in horror, and here’s a list of films that you may have missed the overall point of with what they’re really trying to say.

The Last Winter (2006) 

Indie horror film royalty, Larry Fessenden, directed this 2006 sci-fi horror film that holds timely themes today as the debate on climate change begins to reach an all-time high. In The Last Winter, An environmentalist (James Le Gros) is sent to evaluate the impact of an oil drilling company in the Arctic. He clashes with the man in charge (Ron Perlman) over the job being done.

Eventually, strange events begin to swirl around them. As the crew finds themselves isolated from the rest of the world, they find that they are trapped in the middle of Mother Nature’s wrath. Its message is there but can be deemed subtle; if the Earth doesn’t want us here, it may find a way to get rid of us.

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