Reichardt will be taking part in a virtual Q&A on July 9 at 7 p.m.
at the Northwest Film Center and the Seattle International Film Forum.
FIRST COW will be available to watch by video on demand on
July 10 after a lengthy release delay.

The News Tribune: Has there been a film of yours that you didn’t edit for?

Reichardt: Larry Fessenden cut “River of Grass.” In the years where I really couldn’t get a film made, I was just practicing cutting. Larry Fessenden really did teach me how to edit for the most part. Also “Ode” I worked with an editor on. By that point I was sort of starting to find it very frustrating to talk through someone to get to what I wanted. I thought it wasn’t that fun of an experience for either of us. So I decided I should just figure out how to just do it on my own. At that point I was really finding a lot of what was happening in the film in the editing. Like “Night Moves” or even in a lot of cases “First Cow” where one thing dictates what comes next. It’s a different kind of cutting than a film like “Meek’s Cutoff.” We’re certainly following a script and a plan but ultimately there are a lot of small ways that things could go together differently. It’s just nice, after having a collaborative experience with a crew, to get back in a room and have a direct relationship with whatever you just made.