As you may have noticed, tomorrow is Halloween. To celebrate, “Tales From Beyond the Pale” is celebrating with a listening party in New York for Season IV’s final two episodes: “Conviction” and “The Vampire Party.” Larry Fessendenand Glenn McQuaid, the horror podcast’s co-creators, shared a few thoughts on the stories’ conceptions — and what comes next for “Tales.”

“Me and my buddy went to this very eccentric home of vampire enthusiasts and had a most unusual evening,” recalls Fessenden when asked about “Vampire Party,” which he wrote by his lonesome. “It was a story I often told in celebration of the wacky things one can get up to to promote a movie, and the crazy subcultures in old Hollywood.” About two indie filmmakers promoting their horror movie when they find themselves at the wrong party at the wrong time, it features the voices of Lance Reddick, AJ Bowen, Pat Healy, Joshua Leonard, Clay McLeod Chapman, Roxanne Benjamin, and Fessenden himself.

“Conviction,” meanwhile, centers on the story of a boy spending the weekend with his grandfather and is voice-acted by the same cast save for Benjamin. Written by McQuaid, it was originally recorded, along with “Vampire Party,” on October 29, 2014 — making it especially apropos as Halloween listening.

Though the latest season of “Tales” has come to a close, Fessenden and McQuaid say the show itself likely has not. “There’s talk of us getting back to the studio for a fifth season, and we’re thinking about reaching out to some old friends and new. There are some people out there that I’d love to work with, I’d be very curious to see and hear what someone like Anna Biller would bring to the audio drama format,” says McQuaid; anyone who’s seen “The Love Witch” — which Biller wrote, directed, produced, edited, and starred in — would likely agree.

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