Fantasia’s Frontières Market: The Best Horror Films Yet to Be Made, Including George Romero’s ‘Road of the Dead’
The Montreal festival has become an increasingly important launch point for adventurous genre fare.

Michael Gingold

… among the promising projects seeking the backing to come to a screen near you are:

“The Restoration at Grayson Manor”

Larry Fessenden’s Glass Eye Pix has long been a breeding ground for unconventional horror, and this latest project from writer/director Glenn McQuaid (of the much-praised “I Sell the Dead”) is no different. A combination of Gothic family conflict and modern technology gone awry, it focuses on a wealthy, hedonistic young man whose hands — severed in a tragic accident — are replaced by robotic appendages he can control with his mind.

Black humor is mixed with the shudders here, as evidenced by a proof-of-concept short screened by McQuaid, Fessenden, and co-scripter Clay McLeod Chapman, in which a hunky studmuffin enters an ornate mansion and ascends to an upper floor, stripping naked as he goes, before one of the artificial hands takes him out. Eye-catching animation was also part of this spirited preview, and if half of its energy translates to the feature, it’ll be lots of grisly fun indeed.

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