Guillermo del Toro Reveals the Directors He Wants to Hire for ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ Season 2: ‘I Have a List’

After 30 years of success, the “Shape of Water” director is turning his attention to helping upcoming genre filmmakers.

Following the success of the show’s debut season, del Toro is already thinking ahead to the directors that he wants to bring on board for Season 2 if the series is renewed.

“I have a list,” he said. “For example, we tried to get Jayro Bustamente before and he couldn’t because of COVID. When you think about Mexican filmmakers, there’s Isaa Lopez. She was going to direct one of the episodes when she got ‘True Detective’ and she couldn’t do it. Boots Riley wrote and was going to direct one episode and he got his series greenlit. I could go and spoil the entire second season for you, but I’m not going to do that.”

He continued: “Larry Fessenden is one hundred percent at the very very top of my list for a second list. Larry is one of those names that back in the days of the Spirit Awards I fought for him to be nominated with ‘Habit,’ which I think is phenomenal. I’ve been in touch with him since then. We were very close to remaking ‘The Orphanage.’”

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