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the impact addict jumps boxing Riddick Bowe Leslie boxes Riddick Bowe
IMPACT ADDICT (1987, 9 mins) David Leslie recounts the boyhood dreams and desires the pushed him over the edge. Then, wrapped in a suit of lights, he plummets three stories onto a bed of cold steel.
CHINATOWN (1986, 6 mins) The Impact Addict tears into New York's Chinatown dressed as the 1986 tiger and explodes into the '87 hare in a blaze of color and fire.
MISMATCH (1987, 11 mins) Leslie survives three grueling rounds with super heavyweight boxer Riddick Bowe on the deck of the Staten Island Ferry as it churns past Lady Liberty.
KUNG FU FIGHTING (1987, 4 mins) The Impact Addict crashes through the pipe tile roof of a New York Dojo and pays for damages in a battle with 6 Kung Fu Masters.


Jack Dingas as James Brown The rocket launch in Soho bastard rocket

(1987, 32 mins) A Love Story. Takes you back to that hot summer night when David Leslie attempted to launch himself over a mountain of watermelons ona Soho street before a crowd of 2000 dazzled spectators. The story unfolds with the narration of veteran stunt coordinator Gary Zeller (DAWN OF THE DEAD, RAGTIME, SCANNERS) who "put his reputation on the line" to collaborate with the Impact Addict. Filmmaker Larry Fessenden brings to this stunning documentary all the passion and drama of that spectacular night: As James Brown look-alike Jack Dingas pumps the crowd with an American anthem, our Rocket man climbs aboard his bastard craft and bids farewell to the woman he loves--only to end that night in a near fatal fiery crash. top

STUNTA Musical Motion Picture
Leslie on MTV The impact dancers Leslie climbs the mountain
(1987, 32 mins) Documents the spectacular conclusion to three years of death-defying feats from Impact Addict David Leslie. STUNT takes us from the early events and media hype that put Leslie on the map, through the harsh physical training he underwent to prepare for his daredevil climb, and ends on the heart-stopping finale that was his Swan Song. In a pageant that conjures up the spirits of James Brown, Bruce Lee, Evel Knievel, and Julie Andrews played by Lucy Sexton. To the strains of "Climb Every Mountain," see David Leslie perform his final act of eccess and abandon.

My Sheroes My Sheroes My Sheroes
(1993, 20 mins) A marvelous mosaic of women's ideas, images and music tiled with a grout of humor and pathos. The 100 women interviewed recall their sheroes from childhood to womanhood, and reveal their influences and inspirations, both popular and personal. From Halem NY to Hopewell VA the county fairs to Times Square from Woodstock to Wigstock, from office to the street to the studio this is woman, hear her roar. The hormonal team that brought you the impact addict tapes make an unlikely departure.


the impact addict jumps

(1986-1993, 30 mins) The complete collection of the video testimonials that set the stage for David Leslie's stunt spectaculars. Larry Fessenden's visceral video-riffs gave reason and rational to raucous acts, excusing star-struck dreams and scar-bought screams. Originally seen on scattered monitors or as giant projections at the scene of the stunts, these "video billboards" are now highlighted here for the first time. Includes BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Fessenden's loving tribute to the monster

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