from Certified Forgotten:

by Anthony King

At one point in Larry Fessenden’s Habit, our protagonist Sam (Fessenden) is walking home with Anna (Meredith Snaider). He admits he has somewhat of a drinking problem. “I’m committing suicide on the installment plan,” he quips. To most, this is nothing but self-deprecating humor. To an alcoholic, though – like Sam, like me – we’re simply masking the truth. On top of being an excellent independent horror film, Habit is one of the finest examples of allegorically depicting addiction on screen

On their way home from a weekend of food and plenty of drink, Sam and Nick pass a casket company truck followed by a hearse. We know where this is headed. Unless you make the choice to get out and get help, the harmless habit that surreptitiously turned into an addiction will kill you. Unfortunately, real-life death from addiction isn’t nearly as romantic as the demise of the star-crossed lovers in Habit. Larry Fessenden is a master of allegory, and Habit is singular in its romanticization and swift deglamorization of alcoholism.