From The Hollywood Reporter:
The critically acclaimed series by Venture Bros. storyboard artist Revel is collected in one edition for the first time, telling the full story of what happens when a private on his first tour of duty in Vietnam discovers an elite platoon of ape soldiers. “All said and done, Guerrillas took me almost 10 years to complete,” Revel explains. “Luckily, it was a story flexible enough to adapt to the changing sensibilities of a maturing artist. What started as a youthful adventure, wandered into ruminations on war, the nature of man, and the relationships between fathers and sons. All that and monkeys, too — not so bad!”

Available now, comics from Glass Eye Pix, including WENDIGO, THE LAST WINTER, I SELL THE DEADMANITOU VALLEY and more! Revel has also designed posters and advent calendars for GEP and penned episodes of the CREEPY CHRISTMAS FILM FEST and TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE.