who was tapped to direct Fessenden and Guillermo del Toro’s script
of THE ORPHANAGE remake,

spent COVID remaking a movie of his own!

In 1997, Mark Pellington made his feature directorial debut with “Going All the Way,” based on Dan Wakefield’s novel of the same name. Telling the story of two Korean War veterans returning to their hometown of Indianapolis in the 1950s, the film featured an impressive cast of then-unknowns — Ben Affleck, Jeremy Davies, Rachel Weisz, Rose McGowan, and Nick Offerman among them. The film screened at Sundance, got solid reviews and a distribution deal… and then disappeared for 25 years. Pellington, while proud of the film, never felt like he quite captured what he had loved about Wakefield’s book, and the various edits the movie went through — from a three-hour-plus rough cut to the 112-minute Sundance version to the 97-minute movie that was ultimately released in theaters — left him feeling like he had taken the guts out of the story…

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