Kickoff Shocktober with some streamable scare fare including Ti West’s THE INNKEEPERS and Joe Maggio’s BITTER FEAST. Both now streaming on Peacock, along with other Glass Eye flix such as THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, HYPOTHERMIA, LATE PHASES, STAKE LAND & more.

17) THE INNKEEPERS: Before he exploded back onto the horror scene in 2022 with X and Pearl, Ti West carved his name out in the genre with his breakout film, The House of the Devil, and its moody and haunting follow-up, The Innkeepers, an old fashioned ghost story about a pair of employees at a soon-to-close hotel who decide to dedicate their final days on the job to exploring the property’s hidden (and horrific) history.

20) BITTER FEAST: Starring Joshua Leonard from The Blair Witch Project, this ingenious fright flick follows a disgruntled chef who kidnaps the food critic who ruined his career and forces him to participate in his own deranged cooking challenges.

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