Imagine for a moment a group of people facing an existential threat
but no one is able to agree on how to solve the crisis
and instead are consumed with resentment and hate
so they all turn on each other.

“That would never happen” you say? Check out Fessenden’s parable “Beneath”.

Directed by Larry Fessenden.

Starring Daniel Zovatto, Bonnie Dennison, Chris Conroy, Jonny Orsini, Griffin Newman,
with Mackenzie Rosman and Mark Magolis.

“… a gleefully dire portrayal of human selfishness.”
—Time Out NY

“a weirdly personal and thoughtful generic exercise…
you can see Fessenden’s love for such horror classics as Night of the Living Dead”

“This film takes a hatchet to surface level friendships and
has by far my favorite death scene of the year,
ripped from the Hitchcock playbook.
—Icons of Fright

Beneath Prequel comic book available digitally on Comixology. 
Story: Tony Daniel, Brian D. Smith; Art by Brahm Revel.