Jake Weber looks back on Fessenden’s WENDIGO: “Well, the experience with this one is similar to the experience that I had on a film called Wendigo. Which is a Larry Fessenden movie, which is one of my favorite films I’ve ever done. A very small budget horror film that was shot many, many moons ago. But for your audience, if they don’t know, it’s really worth checking out. It stars Patricia Clarkson and then me and this kid and then a couple of other ancillary characters. But again, a very small crew, low budget, and small cast. The movie turned out terrifically, and so that was a similar experience.”

THE BEACH HOUSE starring Noah Le Gros (DEPRAVED), Liana Liberato, Maryann Nagel
and Jake Weber is now available on VOD, Digital HD, DVD & Blu-Ray.

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