Producer Peter Phok Talks X, Pearl, and His Many Ti West Collaborations

I think we really rely on word of mouth and I think when I look at new projects, I come from a very filmmaker-driven place. My time working with Larry Fessenden and his company, Glass Eye Pix, he was always about supporting the artist and their vision and what they’re trying to put out there and justification for it. I think if you really lean into that, it’s in the movie, it’s embedded in the movie, and when the movie gets out there, audiences respond to that. Then when you like something, you just share, and I think that’s the way it’s getting out.

Maybe a slightly different question is that, given your work with Larry Fessenden and Graham Reznick on Until Dawn, do you think there’s a movie that you’ve worked on that could lend itself to that video game format? I don’t know if maybe House of the Devil necessarily would be appropriate, but is there a movie that you’ve done that you’re like, “Oh wow, what if we did a short video game in that style of Until Dawn?”

That would be awesome. I’d play it. I’m a big gamer. But yeah, Until Dawn‘s incredible. I think I always talk with Graham about his next directorial journey. And he’s busy writing, he’s in demand, he’s super talented. Because these video games, especially Until Dawn and then Supermassive’s most recent release, The Quarry, which is really fun and a very similar choose-your-own-outcome game. I think it’s, again, world-building, giving the user that opportunity to decide which direction [the story goes].

I think it’s fun because Ti’s creating his own cinematic universe with X, and we’ll see how far that goes. But I don’t know, maybe it’s certainly with Larry, if there was ever going to be something, I don’t know, some Glass Eye Pix [project] where all the movies, where you could play all the characters. Honestly, I don’t know if it would be a video game. I honestly think that, if anything, it would be more of Web 3.0, we’re in the Metaverse, and then the characters can all integrate. I think that’s where maybe the future’s headed, maybe not tomorrow, but I think we’re going to be there, where somehow we’re in the Metaverse and our characters are somehow interacting with each other.

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