a deft and accomplished piece of work.

“achieves an almost abstract beauty”

FOXHOLE marks the second feature so far by a filmmaker barely out of his teens.
Jack Fessenden … wears many hats, most of them very well,
teaming with a fine cast… Fessenden directs and edits tense dialogue sequences with skill…
a film that almost entirely rises to the height of its ambitions…”

“3.5/4 stars
ambitious, thoughtful… a solid art-house release”

“3 stars of 4
it’s refreshing to see a movie so beautifully and sleekly filmed
attempt to wrestle with humanity’s deeper questions.
FOXHOLE might not be in the top tier
of the great anti-war film canon, but it’s not too far away.”

holds a multi-faceted mirror up to the humanity and mortality of war…
for Jack Fessenden to write, edit, score, direct, and ferment this moral base
into Foxhole as solid as it turns out is extremely impressive.”

“paints a picture of war which is both constant and pure dread.”

“left me with tears in my eyes”
Iraq Vet Reviews Films, The Scuttlebutt Show

“there’s a case to be made for seeing combat
through the eyes of the actual age of the men and women we ask to fight…
an ambitious project from a very young filmmaker”

“displays a cold sense of realism…
Fessenden establishes a rhythm and atmosphere of the mundane,
which reminds us of that old observation of war:
long stretches of boredom followed by quick moments of sheer terror.”

“a focused, intelligent and thoughtful film”

“an amazingly mature and reflective film for such a young director…
Excessive demands, fear of death, mistrust,
questions of morality and attitude, the unpredictability of the moment —
all this is the subject of FOXHOLE”