FANGO profiles the 2016 Chainsaw Nominees for best Supporting Actor:


Larry Fessenden, in the role of Jacob Lewis from WE ARE STILL HERE

Playing to and against type in equal measure, Larry Fessenden offers a versatile and fantastic performance as the scene-stealing Jacob Lewis in WE ARE STILL HERE. Whether it’s as comic-relief, panicked fear or possessed wickedness, Fessenden’s commanding on-screen presence and effortless enthusiasm for the genre translate perfectly, which could help the horror vet pull an upset for the Chainsaw.


Pit Bukowski, in the role of Der Samurai from DER SAMURAI

Joel Edgerton, in the role of Gordon “Gordo” Mosley from THE GIFT

Richard Jenkins, in the role of Deputy Chicory from BONE TOMAHAWK

Rainn Wilson, in the role of William Colby in THE BOY

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