“The last segment that I want to talk about is the first segment, set in New York, “Fever” …
 is objectively and subjectively my favorite segment …
psychologically scary and just incredibly depressing …
It left me in tears and sets the perfect pace for the entirety of the film.”
Horror Obsession 

“There are some that stand out as being more striking than the others,
but everyone really has brought their A-game. We begin in New York for Larry Fessenden’s Fever,
a mixture of spoken word narrative and disturbing images that sets the mood for what is to follow.”
Hollywood News

“The opening segment, written, directed by, and starring cult indie legend Larry Fessenden
is also the most powerful. It opens with shots of a deserted New York –
something that would never be possible in other circumstances.
As he succumbs to fever, we’re treated to a stop-motion filming technique that’s really disorientating.
It concludes with a heartbreakingly poignant moment.”