“Whilst the Frankenstein story has been told hundreds of times across the world of cinema,
Depraved somehow manages to feel completely fresh.”

“a dramatic character piece that will reward those looking
for a thoughtful take on Mary Shelley’s masterpiece.”

“Depraved marks one of Fessenden’s best films to date,
showcasing the director’s ability to craft a memorable,
stylish and creatively astute narrative on a small budget.
His status as a darling of horror and New York indie cinema
has only be reinforced with this feature.”

“A moving drama of post- millennial conflict.”

 “DEPRAVED is an inspired Gowanus-grungy DIY Frankenstein,
with director Larry Fessenden pushing through to the subtext of parentally irresponsible men.
Grabs you with its ideas (and imaginative production moxie). Somebody buy this.”
Josh Rothkopf/ TimeOut NYC

“DEPRAVED might be Larry Fessenden’s best movie yet.
Certainly his best since “Skin and Bones,”
his fantastic 2008 episode of FEAR ITSELF.”
Simon Abrams (Vulture/ Robert Ebert)