A scene from the film “Summoners,” which is available exclusively on Nightstream, a relaunched transactional VOD hub.

As of today’s Halloween launch, the platform will feature more than 30 titles, from indie distributors like Oscilloscope, Dark Star, Dark Sky, Dekanalog, Utopia and Yellow Veil Pictures. Films include Jane Schoenbrun’s We’re All Going to World’s Fair, Gaspar Noe’s Lux Aeterna and Joel Potrykus’ Buzzard.
Prices will vary per title, and customers will have the option to rent or buy most titles, with a default price of $4.99 to rent and $12.99 to buy.

“Finding a way to support new indie films along with keeping our collective festivals afloat during the
pandemic was our priority and I’m thrilled that we can continue that for the long term,” said Brooklyn Horror Film Festival Director Justin Timms, who is spearheading the relaunch of Nightstream. “Not only will we be sharing revenue with the films on the channel, but a portion of the proceeds will also be split among the other founding festivals. We hope audiences around the country will see the value in supporting this effort and choose Nightstream when renting one of these standout titles.”


congrats to our pals at Yellow Veil and to filmmakers Terrance Krey and Christine Nyland of Summoners, featuring Fessenden