… But first, some gushing about Fessenden’s Glass Eye Pix…


Dave Wain’s essential ZH breakdown of this week’s cavalcade of straight to disc treats. Step inside the DTV Junkyard!

Forgive, if you will, this protracted love in of Larry Fessenden that I’m about to embark upon, but who out there isn’t willing to kneel at the altar of this great independent filmmaking genius?

From Habit to Wendigo to The Last Winter, the native New Yorker offers a keen eye, and an enviable knack for fine tales of the macabre. But, there’s another side to this auteurs body of work that deserves a heaped helping of praise, and that’s the role of the production company that he founded in 1985 – Glass Eye Pix.

The last decade of their resume reads like a buyer’s guide to indie horror, with such indispensable fright flicks as The Roost (2005), The House of the Devil (2009), Stake Land (2010) and Late Phases (2015).

Joining the ranks of these iconic little pictures is Mickey Keating’s impressive psychological nightmare, DARLING, which makes its way on DVD in the UK this week courtesy of Soda Pictures.

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