You know those hokey old low-budget after-school specials in which Smokey Bear told you that only you could prevent forest fires — which was technically true, if only in the sense that you had no intention of ever stepping foot in a forest? Well, what if you watched a bunch of those in a row while having a bad acid trip? The director and co-writer of The Ranger admitted to being inspired by the former, and we can only assume that the latter was involved as well.

The premise is that a bunch of punk kids on the run from the police decide to lay low in a national park while doing a ton of drugs — a plan we fully endorse, because that’s also how we spend our summers. But one of them has a secret dark past, and all of them find themselves pissing off “an unhinged park ranger with an axe to grind.” It’s a safe bet that the axe isn’t metaphorical.

So if you miss the days when teenagers were slaughtered in forests, unlike all these lazy Millennial horror victims who get haunted by paranormal activity without having to even leave their own homes, or if you want what could be the closest we’ll ever get to an adaptation of our R-rated Yogi Bear fanfiction, this could be one for you.

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