September 1225, 2017

Fessenden joins Reichardt for Q&A after RIVER OF GRASS screening
September 12th

This mid-career retrospective includes the six feature films Reichardt has made since 1994—a seemingly modest filmography for more than 20 years of work. But these intricately produced and fiercely independent are well worth the wait. As Catherine Wheatley wrote of the characters in Certain Women, “They know to keep their counsel, these women: know the importance of restraint, silence, of knowing when to speak and when to act and when to stay still.” These same qualities characterize the graceful, intensely perceptive films of Kelly Reichardt.

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October 4, 2017
Q&A with Fessenden!

 Larry Fessenden’s lo-fi vampire film HABIT from 1996 is the crown jewel in a decade that saw fantastic, creative, low budget spins on the vampire narrative – including Abel Ferrara’s THE ADDICTION, Guillermo Del Toro’s CRONOS and Holly Dale’s BLOOD & DONUTS. Serving as writer, director as well as leading actor, Fessenden’s film takes place in an autumnal NYC (a setting oft used in vampire films of the 90s), in a period of grief and substance abuse for Sam (Fessenden) who begins a passionate relationship with a vampire. A romantic drama brought to the screen through genre conventions (as well as defiance of them), it uses its early Giuliani era NY – before the character of the city was lost – as a bustling backdrop for the intimacy of its horror. 

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