From the catalogue:

Everyone has a world-changing invention in them. Enter… THE CRUMB CATCHER! A revolutionary device that will never allow your dinner conversation to sour due to a waiter’s interruptions… Or so claims the inventor, John (John Speredakos), an over-eager server who knocks at the door of newlyweds Shane (Rigo Garay) and Leah (Ella Rae Peck) in the middle of the night.

Armed with his proprietary and precious design and with his surly wife Rose (Lorraine Farris) by his side, John insists that the couple hear his pitch. Things are already tense between rich girl Leah, a rising star in publishing, and aspiring writer Shane, and they’re only made worse as the interruption quickly escalates in intensity.

Co-written by its star Rigo Garay, director Chris Skotchdopole, and producer Larry Fessenden, CRUMB CATCHER is a chamber piece that melds extreme anxiety with the worst salesmanship imaginable. Every single character is hilariously despicable in their own way, and each motivated by selfishness and ego.

Operating at a high level of cringe from scene to scene, CRUMB CATCHER leads us down a road of lies and betrayal, culminating in the film’s hilariously bleak final act. (ANNA BOGUTSKAYA)