10 Monstrous Horror Anthology TV Episodes Perfect for Halloween

Editorial by Paul Le

Tales From the Television looks back at standalone episodes from various TV anthologies. Each collection of stories, every one based on a specific theme, is proof that even the small screen can deliver big frights.

For as long as humans have existed, so have monsters. These often grotesque and unusual creatures with varying origins have appeared in everything from the written word to the big screen. Some monsters are legendary and fantastical, whereas others are modern manifestations of people’s worst fears and traits.

Movies have fueled our fascination with monsters for decades, but what about TV?

Television anthologies like the following feature unique beasts who are just as menacing as their cinematic ilk.

Fear Itself (2008): “Skin & Bones”

Before Fear Itself was originally cancelled, Mick Garris’ second anthology series ended with “Skin & Bones,” a bitterly cold and supernatural tale directed by Larry Fessenden. The director’s passion for wendigo folklore is palpable in this cruel and harrowing account of a family cut up by lies and hardship after the missing father (Doug Jones) returns home.

Throughout his career, Fessenden has infrequently explored wendigo mythology (Wendigo, The Last Winter), but “Skin & Bones” is his most undisguised essay on these evil spirits. This is among Doug Jones’ best performances, and despite network restrictions, the grisly moments never feel too sanitary.

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