Larry Fessenden (Wendigo, Habit, Depraved) is back with a new werewolf horror movie titled Blackout, and Bloody Disgusting has some exclusive first-look imagery to share today.

Check out the images below and read on for everything you need to know…

Blackout marks the second pairing of Glass Eye Pix, the New York production shingle headed by Fessenden, and Yellow Veil Pictures, having previously collaborated successfully on world sales for Fessenden’s 2019 Depraved, which was released by IFC Midnight in the US.

The film follows small town artist Charley (Alex Hurt), a tortured man whose drinking binges blur with his sneaking suspicion that he might likely be a werewolf. He distances himself from those he loves and sinks deeper into solitude, his flashes of memory of his nighttime grisly acts manifested through his artwork

Blackout is the third film in Fessenden’s monster trilogy, following Habit (vampires) and Depraved (Frankenstein). This film continues his theme of critiquing the monster inside all people (and using excellent practical effects to boot). In addition to Hurt, cast includes Addison Timlin, James LeGros, Kevin Corrigan, Barbara Crampton, Joe Swanberg and many others.

Winner of the 1997 Someone to Watch Spirit Award, New York-based filmmaker and actor Larry Fessenden is the founder and CEO of Glass Eye Pix, celebrated for producing Kelly Reichardt’s River of Grass (1994) and Wendy and Lucy (2003); Ti West’s first four features —The Roost (2005), Trigger Man (2007), House of the Devil (2009), and The Inkeepers (2011)— and dozens of other acclaimed and award-winning indie films. In addition to his Monsterverse films, he’s written and directed the psychological horror Wendigo (2001) with Patricia Clarkson, and the Ron Perlman led The Last Winter (2006), contributed to ABCs of Death 2 (2014), and appeared in over 100 films, including most recently Martin Scorsese’s forthcoming Killers of the Flower Moon.

Blackout is produced by Fessenden, long-time collaborator and filmmaker James Felix McKenney, indie veteran Chris Ingvordsen, and Co-Produced by newcomer Gaby Leyner

Says Fessenden: “I am interested in finding new truths in the classic monster tropes of my youth. The essence of each creature dictates the milieu of the film, and of course, the werewolf is both out of control and regretful so that duality shaped my story. I am excited to work with Yellow Veil again, they understand my filmmaking and have been fierce advocates.”

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