6 Under-Appreciated Vampire Movies to Watch Before You See ‘Renfield’

by Luis H. C.

… with Chris McKay’s upcoming Renfield proving that there are still fresh spins to be had on the Dracula formula, we’ve decided to come up with a list celebrating six of the most under-appreciated vampire movies out there. After all, there’s nothing like discovering a hidden gem within a sea of similar genre flicks…

If you want to revamp a classic monster for modern audiences without losing the emotional edge that made these stories effective in the first place, Larry Fessenden is the filmmaker for you. While he’s already updated Frankenstein into a contemporary tragedy in Depraved and is currently working on his own take on The Wolfman, the filmmaker’s first foray into mythological bloodshed came in the form of the 1997 indie flick Habit.

Telling the story of a New Yorker who becomes ill after getting involved with a mysterious woman, the film is half arthouse mood piece and half romantic monster movie. While things never get truly terrifying (unless you count the existential dread of being a psychologically unstable artist in Manhattan), this strange little character study will likely stick with you long after the end credits roll.

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