This gorgeous comic book created by Fessenden, James Felix McKenney and illustrator Brahm Revel is now available for Digital Download through ComiXology. Taking a decidedly different approach to the titular creature,  this completes an unofficial trilogy of Wendigo-themed comic books by Fessenden, all available from Glass Eye Pix Comix. (and don’t forget to order your copy of  Sudden Storm: A Wendigo Reader)


The Wendigo of Manitou Valley #1

Jack is new to the town of Manitou Valley, Maine. His optimistic dad works at the mysterious Maltox Factory making who-knows-what. When a monster wreaks havoc in the sleepy town, the towns-people blame the wood-creature known as the Wendigo, but Jack suspects it may be something else.Part of a series of stories from creators Larry Fessenden, James Felix McKenney and Brahm Revel.

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