Ain’t It Cool News is reviewing the new season of Tales From Beyond the Pale, and this week their review focuses on Kim Newman’s “Sarah Minds The Dog” and Glenn McQuaid’s “The Crush”. Head to to check out the whole post.
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“ANNO DRACULA’s Kim Newman brings forth a wicked tale of a dog walker who finds herself in a predicament, solves it, and then finds herself in another one. I want to be vague because the fun is in the details of this devious little number. Though this one feels shorter than most of the tales I’ve heard so far that lie beyond the pale, it is no less effective. And though there are dire things happening in this tale, it is one of those dark little stories that makes you chuckle evilly under your breath. If you have a wicked sense of humor as I do, you’re going to love SARAH MINDS THE DOG.”


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“Sean Young offers her voice to this haunting yarn of down home backstabbing in wine country. This one is a deviously black tale which ends somewhat predictably, but with Young as the lead, the delivery has an oomph that makes it unique. I especially love the descriptions of the ghost/corpse creatures that show up later on. This one has a more classic feel that makes the listen feel like one of those classic radio plays of old. Nice and creepy.”

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