For decades, the provinces of screen horror were European castles and villages, Southwest/California towns and deserts, and Hollywood sets—until 1968’s ROSEMARY’S BABY, when terror moved into New York City and never left. This presentation will chronicle the history of Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs in genre cinema, addressing many specific titles—from expensive studio fare to down-and-dirty independents—lensed on and under its streets, classic and recurring locations, and how the many sides of the city were explored and exploited by filmmakers. Resident auteurs such as Larry Fessenden, William Lustig, Abel Ferrara, Larry Cohen and Frank Henenlotter will be addressed, as will the ways in which New York City-set scare flicks reflected the changes in the city itself over the years.

Join author/filmmaker Michael Gingold (AD NAUSEAM) to take a bloody bite out of the Big Apple! The free event is on August 29, 3PM EDT.