… With performances from a Hollywood cast including Hayden Panettiere (Heroes, Nashville), the player’s actions alone will decide who survives Until Dawn. In an unpredictable and dynamically adaptive story, crafted in consultation with Until Dawn scriptwriters and indie horror authors Larry Fessenden and Graham Reznick, eight friends come together at a remote mountain getaway and embark upon a night of unexpected terror. Through the course of the night, anyone can live, anyone can die, and things aren’t always what they seem. Twists and turns will keep players guessing right to the end as we play each of the friends. The decisions the player makes on their behalf will determine who survives Until Dawn.

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Be Very Afraid of Until Dawn

“We re-designed, re-built and re-wrote the game so now you have a more mature, darker and fundamentally more terrifying experience on PS4.”  Stripping the game of its original assets and starting from scratch means a more dedicated approach than trying to port all the bits and pieces from the PS3 to PS4.

That change includes a whole new script for Until Dawn.  Supermassive brought on “horror auteurs Larry Fessenden and Graham Reznick (Stake Land, Habit, The Last Winter) who’ve been bringing great independent horror movies to the big and small screen for decades” to give the game a script with a cinematic feel.  Most of their IMDB pages are made up of acting or sound development credits, but I wouldn’t discount the quality of their work from what I’ve seen of the game.

Until Dawn’s narrative is a horror aficionado’s dream.  It’s trope-filled from the moment Hollywood actress Hayden Panettiere belts a concerned, “Hello?” down a darkened empty hallway.”

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