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Greetings friends. If you are a frequent visitor to Glass Eye Pix, if you’ve seen the films we produce or read some of our books or interviews, you should not be surprised to learn we think the best horror show now playing is the double bill unfolding in Washington D.C., and in our atmosphere.

In Washington we have a cadre of narcissistic vipers descending on the city to continue the business of pillaging our fragile democracy—like a home invasion film on the national level, a violent rampage of ignorance and greed.

Then, in the atmosphere, another type of horror story unfolds, where a mad experiment is being conducted: how many drops of poison in a glass will taint the drink…? How many particles of CO2 will change the atmosphere…? How long till we admit we’ve got a problem?

Lovers of horror, behold! The Mad Tweeting Clown distracts us from the ongoing agenda of the “Grand Old Party” and its willing accomplices in the public and private sectors!

Behold! The plunder of our resources—natural, human, and spiritual! Behold! The false narratives and fake news, that clutter the mind and delay action!

Well, visitor, why not turn away from this mad pageantry and instead watch some Glass Eye Pix movies, bursting with wholesome themes!!

Liberty Kid
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Wendy and Lucy
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No Telling  

Low Impact Filmmaking
What Are You Voting For
Sudden Storm, A Wendigo Reader

Natural Selection 

Class War
Monkey Farm
Silent Spring
Road to Ruin


Running Out Of Road Started Sept 11, 2006
Disconnex I started this facebook page Fall 2016, collecting articles and some videos and book recommendations. But I find facebook somewhat arbitrary, countering any impulse to organize your thoughts, so I’m moving towards a website on the matters of society’s future and imperilment…

I’ll let you know when I get it together.

But anyway, shouldn’t you be ordering your NAUGHTY NIGHTS VALENTINE Countdown Calendar!?